BNI Website Design

BNI Websites designed by an experienced (been building websites since 1996), professional, and award winning website development firm, BKR Studio. Which translates into... "Yes, we have done this many times before, we have lots of customers who will sing our praises, and some people have even judged our work to be the absolute best".

Our tagline "Web Sites That Work, Measurable Results Guaranteed!" isn't just a catch phrase, it's how we approach website development. Our extensive experience building dynamic, database driven websites and our long term membership in the Platinum BNI Chapter in South Bend Indiana, puts us in a unique position to offer your BNI chapter a "Website That Works" for your chapter at an affordable rate. We have already built the database structure and codebase to provide your website with a dynamicaly displayed list of members, and have an E-newsletter that you can send out to members and allow the public to subscibe to. In short, the toughest parts of building your website, we've already done and have ready to go!

Contact us today at 1-574-245-9576 or contact us by e-mail to start the building process of your BNI Chapter web site today.

$408,872 of business has been generated from the South Bend BNI Chapter in referrals so far in 2020!

In 2019 we generated over $1,250,452 in sales for our members!